Thursday, September 20, 2018

NEW NEW NEW at the Ringer!!

Special Effects hair dye - including black light reactive colors!  Hard to find and longer lasting colors!!

FULL RANGE of HEM Indian Incense - Amazing new scents like House in the Clouds, Archangels, Palo Santo, Divine Blessings, Feng Shui, too many more to list.....

NEW Backflow incense burners and cones in traditional Buddha to contemporary styles ranging from $9.95 to over $30.  Backflow cones at $6.95 you've got to see it to believe it!!

Fantastic CBD  products from Green Roads and more - CBD edibles, CBD oil capsules, CBD Vape cartridges, CBD Water, CBD bath bombs, CBD sublingual oil, CBD topical creams.  Green Roads, made in Florida since 2011, one of the leading brands available anywhere.

LOTUS LEGGINGS imported from UK - fabulous leggings designs including mermaid scales, skulls, trees, kittens, galaxy images, more styles - just in time for Halloween!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yes we have Juul by PAX - elegant and discreet!  Juul pods tabac (Virginia tobacco), crème brulee, mint, fruut (fruit)  Juul units $49.95 - 5-pack flavor pods just $12.95!

In stock now:  Firefly 2 portable vaporizer - EVAK borosilicate air-lock storage - Boveda humipaks for moisture control:  62%, 72%, 75% perfect for loose tobacco or cigar storage - Topomatic Power Roll - White Sage smudge sticks, blended smudge sticks, sweet grass braids, Tibetan and Indian incense, ClearRay tie dye pants & skirts super comfy stretchy fabric!

BAJAS - assorted colors, rasta and rainbow colors - just $19.95 sizes S - XL, $21.95 XXL, $23.95 XXXL

Decorate that dorm room!  Tapestries are a great way to cover that big ol' white wall.  Traditional Indian tapestries, modern designs, even 3D tapestries with 3D glasses.  Dreamcatchers - Wind Chimes - smoke odor candles - Smoke Buddy is your friend.....

Thursday, June 30, 2016

RYO - MYO Tobacco & Tubes

Purple Ringer in Fort Myers is your source for cigarette rolling tobacco - Stokkebye Amsterdam, Stokkebye Norwegian, Stokkebye Danish, Stokkebye London, Stokkebye Stockholm, Stokkebye Turkish pouches, Amsterdam, Norwegian and Danish tins

American Spirit pouches and tins

Bali Shag Blue, Red and White

Filters from Gizeh, RAW, Zen - paper tips from RAW & Elements

Pre-rolled cones from RAW

We also have classic pipe tobacco:  CAO, Ashton, RAW, misc - many briar and corncob pipes to choose from

Economy pipe tobacco:  Kentucky Select, Good Stuff, Sparrow and Bacco

Come on down......

Thursday, August 7, 2014

1994-2014..... What a long strange trip it's been.....

Purple Ringer Smoke Shop 20th Anniversary Sale

August 2014 marks our 20 year anniversary, and thanks to all of you for making it possible.

From the 8th - 20th this month ALL PIPES (including hookahs, briar, corncob, glass & acrylic) are ALL 20% off every day - nothing held back - even the newest items arriving daily.  Remember we offer LAYAWAY - this is a great opportunity to grab something special!

From the 21st - 31st this month ALL DETOX AND HOME TESTS are all 20% off.

Our usual 10% daily sales will be 20% off in August - so check us out for posters, tapestries, stickers, backpacks, purses, bandanas, incense, hats, flags, magnets.... daily sales are random, so call ahead if you like, 239-936-7464.

Purple Ringer TShirts designed & printed here in Fort Myers are here!

20 years.  Wow.  Couldn't have done it without you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You've heard of the new law about selling tobacco pipes in Florida. What you may not have heard is the Florida Smoke Shop Association (FSSA), a group of 75+ store owners, came together and donated time and money to protect your right to purchase what you want. 

Here's how you can help: 

First and foremost, when you come shopping for your new tobacco pipe, that's exactly what you should call it. Not sure what to say? ASK US. Help us be here for you. 

Second, look for the black and green MEMBER FSSA sign and shop where you see it. We're the ones who've got your back.

Third, get involved. This fight isn't over. 

Vote. Pay attention to your local politics.  This entire issue began with one elected representative in a Florida House district.  Ask questions and let your elected officials know where you stand... politely.

American politics is a money game.  Please contribute to help FSSA fight for smoker's rights in Florida. You can make a donation at Purple Ringer, 3915 Broadway Av, Fort Myers, 33901, or contact FSSA directly:

Friday, May 10, 2013

New stuff.....

New Starbuzz® EHookahs - Blue Mist, Irish Peach, X on the Beach, Apple Doppio, Simply Mint - great Starbuzz® flavors in a portable, 400-puff disposable E-Cig. Hookah Anywhere!

Big new batch of funny magnets and buttons. New ashtrays including cupholder size and some large diameter cheap melamine (plastic) great for the porch.

Over 120 different Zippo lighters in stock every day. Zippo lighter fluid, flints, wicks, Clipper butane, Vector butane.

Virgin Vapors 100% organic juice for ECigarettes/VaporPens - vape American Made, 100% organic vegetable glycerine (no propylene glycol), organic flavors, no artificial colors or sweeteners. eGo-T starter kits. Disposable electronic cigarettes also in stock.

Shargio roll your own tubes, white (200ct) and full flavor (250ct) king size just $2.95. Kentucky Select, Criss Cross, Southern Steel, Good Stuff, Sparrow, and Golden Harvest brands pipe tobacco. Topomatic, Premier & Mikromatic injector machines. Yes you can make a "Roll My Own" carton for $17.

Big selection of Liquid Blue TShirts, Grateful Dead solid & Tie Dye, Pink Floyd. Hippie Threads: dashikis, Indian wrap skirts, tie dyes, purses, and original Buffalo Sandals.

Tapestries and Hookahs on sale this week (through Sunday 5/12)!
Next week (Monday 5/13 - 5/20) the sale will be Recycled Glass, many with advanced features.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kratom, Blue Lotus, Wild Dagga, Organic Essential Oils

Kratom, wild harvested and organically grown, superior quality and no hyped up packaging. Do your own research and swing by! Maeng Da Kratom leaf and powder and Bali Kratom powder. Kava Kava 30% kavalactones. Blue Lotus. Wild Dagga. Purple Ringer also stocks Lover's Blend, Buddha Blend, and Sativah Natural Herbal smoking blends by the ounce or by the gram. International Oddities "legal bud" also available (for the entire 18 years we've been open) in one-gram sampler sizes as well as 1/2 ounce tubes and 1 ounce cans. Check out a gram of several different kinds before you spend a lot of $$. Most people tell us these natural smokes help them relax after a tough day, or make it easier to fall asleep at night - with no worries over legality. We even have organic catnip cheap (makes a great bedtime tea). Also gaining in popularity - Aura Cacia organic essential oils for aromatherapy and vaporizing. Aura Cacia essential oils are produced from pure, organic sources worldwide. Vaporizers and pipe attachments make it easy to inhale traditional therapeutic vapors! And as we explained in our all-time most popular post from a couple years ago, we never sold any of the drug-enhanced "incense/potpourri/Spice/whatever". We have friends in health care telling us now, 2 years later, they STILL see 10-12 people a month in the ER from store-bought synthetic drugs. Be smart and keep it natural!